Reliable Towing Services in Vancouver

Husky Towing Offers 24/7 Towing Solutions

Husky Towing provides several types of towing services to the greater Vancouver. Apart from serving all members of Vancouver’s diverse community we offer custom tailored solutions for businesses which require regular auto towing services from commercial property.

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At Husky Towing we never cease operations, we are available for immediate response round the clock, every single day of the year. You can call on us for auto towing services any time, day or night come rain, shine or high water. Nonstop availability is great but speedy, top class service must follow, you will find that Husky Towing delivers on its full customer satisfaction promise. We are a highly professional outfit which, apart from market setting standard service, offers highly competitive rates.

Doing Our Best Every Time

We at Husky Towing have set our goal at 100% full customer satisfaction. It is not enough for us to have the capability of providing top class service if only most of our customers enjoy it, we never let down our guard and make certain to deliver on every promise we make. This includes meeting the 30 min ETA we guarantee (to any location in or around Vancouver) as well at the quality of auto towing services you will get. Since our best is probably the very best auto towing service possible, and since we always maintain this level of service, when you call on us to carry out a towing job you are bound to get the very kind of service you hope for. We are well aware of the issues which require special attention with regards to towing from commercial property. This ensures that we can provide regular auto towing services to business which require them.

Highly Skilled Techs Backed by Efficient Logistics

All of Husky Towing’s techs are extensively trained, certified, highly experienced professionals who do not only possess the necessary knowhow but also the kind of service oriented spirit necessary for providing top class service.

Field leading personnel alone provide no guarantee of top class service. Our techs enjoy backing of highly efficient logistics. Our tow trucks are top of the line, they are perfectly maintained and equipped with every piece of gear which might become necessary.

The Price is Right Too

Everyone wants to receive top class service, in cases of towing from commercial property as well as with any other circumstances. But top class auto towing services alone are not enough when aiming for full customer satisfaction. Such services must be offered at competitive prices. Our efficiency and the honest billing policy we abide by ensure that our rates are among the lowest you can find.

Any Kind of Tow

Remember, we can provide solutions to any and all types of towing jobs. Whether it’s light duty, medium duty or heavy duty tow, no matter what kind of vehicle is involved or if it has been involved in an accident, if a flatbed tow in needed or a tow by dolly. Whatever kind of tow you need in Vancouver, give us a call and enjoy top class service for hard to compete with rates.

For our towing services in Vancouver call (604) 449-4972